Welcome to Blocmarks

Manage your bookmarks and share with your friends!

Bookmark What You Want

It's easy enough to bookmark a URL in your browser, but eventually your bookmark library may get cluttered and it may require effort to manage bookmarks. Blocmarks will organize your bookmarks by topic so you can quickly find what you want to read later.

Easily Add Bookmarks

Create topics easily by clicking on the "New Topics" button. Add your URL bookmarks by pasting them in the "Add New Bookmark" section. Or, email your bookmark to "postmaster@app791986fb9f3c4e50aa4978d395fc2ba9.mailgun.org" with a Topic in your subject line, to save bookmarks on the go!

Get Social!

You'll also have the ability to share bookmarks with friends, and view other public bookmarks so you can browse and add more bookmarks to their own!